1-on-1 online Japanese lesson

The introduction video of the teacher⇩

Each learner has different purpose

to learn Japanese.

I’ve been teaching learners

like below :

  • The one who wants to pass JLPT
  • The one who needs to learn since they have Japanese colleagues.
  • The one who learn just for fun.
  • The one who wants their kids to learn.
  • The one who likes learning something new.
  • The one who is interested in Japanese things such as culture, history etc.
  • The one who wants to get a job in Japan.
  • The one who is living in Japan. etc.

Please tell me what you need.

I would like to help you achieve

your goal by teaching Japanese.

I’ll plan a special lesson

to meet the demand of each learner.

Becoming able to speak a language

isn’t just the goal.

It is just one of the processes

of your dream.

Please take a trial lesson

before taking the regular lessons.

In a trial lesson,

I ask you about the goal

you want to accomplish

by using Japanese.

Also, I check your proficiency level

of Japanese with some questions.

Then, I’ll make

the custom-made lesson

for your lesson.

※The payment is not confirmed

even if you click the button above.

Trial Lesson fee : 5 USD

After taking a trial lesson,

the link for a regular lesson is sent to you.

Also, I offer packages containing 5 lessons.

Please note that

all the packages will be no longer available

in 180 days after your purchase.

Lesson fee

Single LessonFee(USD)PackageFee(USD)
Single Lesson(60min)20Package(60min×5)92
Single Lesson(45min)18Package(45min×5)85
Single Lesson(30min)16Package(30min×5)78

60 min lesson

45 min lesson

30 min lesson

  1. Pay when booking.

On the page of booking the lessons, you will be asked to fill out the form including your name, phone number, email address, and so on and to make your payment. I can accept the payment only when booking.

  1. Download a tool for video chat in advance.

I email with the link to enter Zoom meeting rooms and my Skype ID for your lesson. Please enter the room at the time of your lesson if you choose Zoom. I’ll give a video call at the time of your lesson if you take lessons with Skype.

  1. Cancel or reschedule as soon as possible.

In case of cancelling or rescheduling within 24 hours from your lesson, no refund of payment is performed. You can cancel or reschedule from the button of the email you receive when booking.

Feel free to ask me about the lessons I offer.