Tsunagu Japan

Make new connections.

Learning language itself is also fun.


the essence of learning a language

is to communicate

and to connect with new people.

The name of this website

is the Japanese word used to “connect”.

I am here to help you “connect”

with new people

by learning Japanese language.

Immersive Japanese learning

and deep local culture experience

in Eastern Hokkaido.

This is the special program that participants can learn practical Japanese while exploring the authentic Japanese culture with the locals.

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Learn Japanese for

what you need.

To begin with, Please let me hear what you want to achieve. Then, I’ll custom-made a plan only for you.

Learn Japanese for Travel.

It’s certain that you talk to Japanese more or less during your trip. In this lesson, you will reach to the point where you can speak to Japanese who offer several services at the earliest.

Take this lesson to break the language barrier before you come and to make your travel experience even better.

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